Little Daisy-Mae

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A story of hope … 

Little Daisy-Mae is a book like no other. It deals with the premature delivery of a baby written mainly from the father’s viewpoint. It is a must-read handbook for any parent, midwife or other nursing staff who are involved with the birth of a child prematurely. The book enables parents to navigate the many complex medical terms that parents are told along the way and helps the nursing staff to gain a greater understanding of what the parents may be experiencing.  

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Dear Parent,

On the 1st December 2013, our world was changed forever… 

Like you, our precious child came early. Little Daisy-Mae was born at 25 weeks, weighing just 858 grams (1lb 14oz) We didn’t know what the future would hold. Like us; worry, despair, and fear are just some of the emotions you will probably be feeling right now. Hopefully, this book will not only give you hope but will answer the many questions you will have as you go through the same experiences.

Little Daisy-Mae by Wayne and Jennie LittleYour family and friends will be feeling the same. They can never walk in your footsteps and truly understand the emotions and pain you are feeling. But maybe Daisy-Mae’s story could help them?

We have donated a copy of this book, to neo-natal wards, across the country. Our aim is to give hope to as many parents and families as we can. Please leave this copy on the ward, helping others, who follow in your footsteps.

Wayne, Jennie & Little Daisy-Mae xxx


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“This read like a handbook for us. It answered all the many questions going around in our heads. It was so helpful and hopeful. It acted like a guide for us to navigate some of the complex things we were often told – thank you Wayne and Jennie” – Tom and Charlotte – Yorkshire.

We have already donated over one hundred books to family rooms and neo-natal wards across the UK – please nominate your favourite below …

Daisy-Mae Little – the girl who couldn’t wait.

Jennie and Daisy at Home

Jennie and Daisy-Mae Little on her first day home

She has been nicknamed ‘the girl who could not wait’.  Daisy-Mae Little has captured the hearts of over twenty-five thousand followers on Facebook.

Little Daisy-Mae in Hospital

Little Daisy-Mae in Hospital

Daisy-Mae came into the world three and half months early, weighing less than a bag of sugar at just 1lb and 14 oz. On her wrist tag her last name Little was followed by her first names – Daisy-Mae. A very apt name for Little, Daisy-Mae.

Her father, firefighter, Wayne created a Facebook page to let family and friends know about her progress.

Being with Daisy-Mae all the time meant we were isolated from friends and family who were desperate to know how she was’ said her father Wayne.

Wayne and Daisy-Mae in Hospital

Along with putting up regular updates; including photos and posts, Wayne compared Daisy-Mae’s journey to that of climbing a mountain.

Daisy has her walking boots back on and is starting her climb again’ he wrote one day, tagging a picture of her in the incubator. ‘She has recovered from her fall and is battered and bruised, but in one piece.’

Soon hundreds of friends and relatives grew into thousands of people followayne-jennie-daisywing Daisy-Mae’s journey and Wayne’s heart-felt posts.

You had reached a milestone. You had come off the breathing machine and climbed alone, breathing your own air, smiling as you went.’

In fact, Wayne’s Facebook posts had become such a hit that there were regular posts asking him when the book was coming out. A follower spotted this and passed the details onto a friend who owned a publishing company. A few Facebook messages later, telephone calls and a meeting, and the publishing deal was signed.

This book is not only made up of those wonderful posts but also the letters that Wayne has written to his daughter every day that were not shared on Facebook.

The story is of the whole family; Wayne and Jennie Little, from the West Midlands, and their journey as they help Daisy-Mae with her battle to survive, is sure to capture the hearts of many more people.

It’s a tribute to the dedicated and hard work that all the nurses and doctors provide.’ Wayne Little

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